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Topic Date Title
Misc. 2023-11-27 An Allegory on Science from AI
Misc. 2023-11-18 When to Speak Chinese
Database theory 2023-11-01 The Entropic Framework for Cardinality Bounds
Database theory 2023-08-03 Relative Safety in Relational Calculus
SQL 2023-07-26 How to Check 2 SQL Tables are the Same
Tools 2023-05-31 Filter every mail: a cure for email addiction
Datalog 2023-02-08 Datalog resources
Join Algorithms 2023-01-31 Late materialization is (almost) worst-case optimal
Join Algorithms 2023-01-30 AGM bound for transitive closure
Program Synthesis 2021-04-27 Counterexample-guided inductive synthesis
Join Algorithms 2021-04-27 Generic join algorithms
Equality Saturation 2021-01-17 E-graph intersection
Unix, Tools 2020-06-18 Viewing images on remote machines
Information Theory 2020-06-17 Fundamental entropic bounds
Information Theory 2020-06-17 Entropy
Proofs 2019-02-13 A canonicity proof via gradient induction