Datalog Resources

I love it when people ask me about Datalog. I also find myself pointing them to some very good resources. To save the trouble of searching through email threads every time, I’m dumping these links here for future reference.

My favorite tutorial is Introduction to Datalog by x775. It has a lot of examples conveying intuition, but is also very rigorous. For a more interactive experience, is a Datalog notebook running in your browser. If you want to be even more rigorous, the Alice book is the definitive textbook for foundation of DB.

When you’re ready to write real Datalog programs, check out souffle which is a high quality, blazing fast implementation used in industry and research. Another good language is flix which started as an extension of Datalog, but has become much more than that.

If you have your favorite Datalog resource and don’t see it here, feel free to suggest it by opening a PR!